Namalu Farmer's Association

Classification Details
District : Nakapiripirit
Category : Farmers Associations
Operation Level : Subcounty
Support Organization : Non Government Organization
Current No. of Members : 1,050
Joining Fee : 10,000/=
Location Details
Region : Northern
Sub Region : Karamoja
District : Nakapiripirit
County : Chekwii (kadam)
Subcounty: Namalu
Parish : Lokatapan
Village : Lokiyangunet
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Entreprizes Involved
1 Maize
2 Rice
3 Beans
Activities Involved In
  1. Production Level (Pre-season meetings, Agronomy or production trainings)
  2. Marketing Level (Post harvest training, Negotiating price, Bulking and storage of produce)
  3. Agro processing (Rice and maize milling)
Leaders & Education
ID Name Category Gender Education
1 Amatun Ali Chair Person Male Primary
2 Akol Rachel Treasurer Female Primary
3 Koryang kalisto Other Leader Male Secondary
Member Statistics
Year of Formation2015
Year of Registration2015
Members at Formation1,050
Males at Formation726
Females at Formation324
Current Members1,050
Current Males(Adults)726
Current Females(Adults)324
Current Males(Youth)0
Current Females(Youth)0
Membership Amount10,000/=
Share Amount5,000/=