Akareere Matsyoro Abateganda Development Group

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Classification Details
District : Sheema
Category : Community Based Organizations (CBOs)
Operation Level : Parish
Support Organization : None
Current No. of Members : 25
Joining Fee : 10,000/=
Location Details
Region : Western
Sub Region : Ankole
District : Sheema
County : Sheema North
Subcounty: Kyangyenyi
Parish : Masyoro
Village : Akareere
Google Map
Leaders & Education
ID Name Category Gender Education
1 Muhumuza Alex Chair Person Male Primary
2 Byambwenu Denis Secretary Male Tertiary
3 Mubangizi Silvero Treasurer Male Secondary
Member Statistics
Year of Formation2007
Year of Registration2013
Members at Formation25
Males at Formation18
Females at Formation7
Current Members25
Current Males(Adults)18
Current Females(Adults)7
Current Males(Youth)0
Current Females(Youth)0
Membership Amount10,000/=
Share Amount0/=