Farmer Organizations in Elgon Sub Region, Uganda

Elgon Sub Region
Elgon Sub Region is one of the thirteen recognized administrative sub regions found in Uganda. The sub region has over 6 Districts, 11 Counties, 109 sub counties, 614 Parishes and 5,717 Villages. The sub region has over 1,107 farmers organizations with 756 Community Based Organizations (cbos) , 46 Farmers Associations , 269 Farmers Groups , 32 Cooperatives , 4 Unions , 196 Women Group , 67 Youth Group , 1 Farmers Field School .
Elgon Region Farmer Organization Statistics

Farmer Organization by Category

Category No.
  Community Based Organizations (cbos)
756 View List
  Farmers Associations
46 View List
  Farmers Groups
269 View List
32 View List
4 View List
  Women Group
196 View List
  Youth Group
67 View List
  Farmers Field School
1 View List
Total 1107

    Elgon Region
Entreprizes Undertaken by Farmer Organizations


Entreprize No.

Animal Husbandry

Entreprize No.
Cattle 186 View List
Goats 44 View List
Piggery 20 View List
Bee Keeping 19 View List


Entreprize No.
Tilapia 3 View List
other fish 1 View List
Cat Fish 1 View List
Farmer Organizations by Operation Level and Support Organization
Entreprize No.
  Operations Level
Village 776 View List
Parish 167 View List
Subcounty 139 View List
District 20 View List
Regional - multiple districts 5 View List
Entreprize No.
  Support Organization
None 835 View List
Government 187 View List
Non Government Organization 57 View List
Private Company 22 View List
Others 9 View List
Community Based Organization(CBO) 7 View List
Farmer Organizations by Activity Involved in and Leaders Education Level and Gender
Entreprize No.
  Activity Involved in
Production Level 1,044 View List
Marketing Level 766 View List
Savings and credit (VSLA) 755 View List
Non-agricultural activities 271 View List
Lobbying and advocacy 185 View List
Agro processing 12 View List
Transport services 6 View List
Entreprize No.
  Leaders by Education Level
Secondary 1,885 View List
Primary 1,183 View List
Tertiary 201 View List
No Formal Education 34 View List
  Leaders by Gender
Male 1,750 View List
Female 1,553 View List
Districts In Elgon Sub Region

Sub Region Districts

District Farmers Orgainzations
Bududa District 174 View
Bulambuli District 223 View
Manafwa District 122 View
Mbale District 185 View
Namisindwa District 114 View
Sironko District 289 View

Other Sub Regions

Region Farmers Orgainzations
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Ankole Sub Region 1607 View
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Bukedi Sub Region 959 View
Bunyoro Sub Region 922 View
Busoga Sub Region 1013 View
Elgon Sub Region 1107 View
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